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Reasonable hair care, can significantly extend the service life of the wig.

1.Once u received your wig,you can use knot sealer to seal your knots on the underside of your wig after every washing.

2.Avoid frequent washing,u can wash it with a little coconut oil and wig shampoo. After washing, when hair is 60% wet, u can spray it mixted liquid (coconut oil with water or conditioner) it will become smooth and gorgeous.

3.When cleaning wig,please keep water temperature in 40-50 degree. But when conditioning,water temperature needs to be 50-60 degree.

4.Best temperature for wig to take in oliver oil and conditioner,5 minutes for conditioning!!! Please use neutral shampoo And spring water or distilled water. Attention please: Don't use Tap water,the tap water filled with many chlorine and chemicals!! which can cause tangling!!

5.Comb hair--Gently comb hairs from the end to top with the wide-tooth comb,especially the curly hair.

6.Dyed hair--Don't do it frequently,use the nutrition water and profession colorist.

7.Hair styling--Don't put excesslve heat on hair or cut the weft, it will lead split-ends and shedding.

A lot of customers wanted to know the difference between a lace closure and a silk base closure. The base of the closure is made from two different material. 
The base of the lace closure is made from lace and it allows you natural scalp to show thru the scalp once it's install. 
The silk base closure is made from silk and it gives you the illusion of a scalp with the tint from the silk. 
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